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My TAD blog was first published in 2009 on blogspot.com. It focused mostly on LOK news but that function was now taken over by my Facebook page and Twitter. However, I will still use my blog to write new articles which do not fit anywhere else. If you are looking for LOK soundtracks, they are listed under their own tab at the top and all have been reuploaded to G-drive.

Below are the links to some of the most popular articles:

Founded in 2009, my first video was actually recorded on a friends computer and not the best quality at the time. Ironically, some of my most watched videos are deaths in Crash Bandicoot games, followed by the reconstruction of the original events from Soul Reaver. Below are some examples of the playlists which are available on my channel:

This page was created on 2 March 2017, it was due to the easier and faster nature of reporting news and it reaching more people than with my blog.

Twitter is the most recent addition to the TAD social media family and I mostly post about gaming, gaming news and things I like.

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