My Projects

Tomb Raider 2 HD

TRFan94 and I worked on this together a few years back. This project introduced me to texture making properly. Sourcing the textures is a big challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it taught me a lot about texture archaeology. We only released a demo for the Home level, but we have done about 60-70% textures in total. With TR Remastered announced, this project is no longer being developed.

Soul Reaver HD Remaster

My biggest project up to date, it took me a whole year to work on this and replace every single texture in the game (not including sprites and effects). This was a huge undertaking but I persevered and finished this project. I tried to find all the texture sources I could and I succeded in many cases. For those which could not be traced, I had to replace with different 

This new HD texture pack supersedes the older, upscaled only version released in 2020. You can still download the old version if desired, however, it is no longer updated.

Projects I contributed to

Blood Omen 2: Conceptual Edition

PebbleInThePond has been meticulously trying to bring this game up to par with the rest of the series despite the lack of proper tools available for it. The pack is being continuously worked on and improves a lot of things (check out the change log). The latest, v1.03 will contain updated textures as well. I joined this project to help out with this in particular and the new skyboxes are done by me. It also contains an HQ cinematics package and also offers a tutorial on how to change Kain's costumes during the game.

Croft Engine (Former Edison Engine)

A faithful re-creation of the original Tomb Raider game by Core Design by stohrendorf. It features several improvements and new graphics options. I helped with the original documentation, testing and promoting the game on YouTube.

Recommended Modding Projects

Resident Evil 4 HD Project

This is one of the best fan mods ever released. Albert and Cris worked really hard and even travelled to the original places which Capcom used textures from. They remastered all the textures up to 16 times the detail (Todd would be proud, lol) and even touched up the models and fixed the lighting. Their efforts put Capcom's own Ultimate HD release to shame and they have been a huge inspiration to me.

Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition

Silent Hill 2 came out in a really poor state in its original pc version. Luckily, the fans found a way to improve the lighting, compatibility, fix the fog, add soft shadows,upscaled 2D elements, better controller support and even enhanced the sound system. All in widescreen and in HD. 

The Hylden's Texture Pack (LOK: Defiance)

Patrick Johnson, aka the Hylden, has provided the best current texture pack for LOK: Defiance. He has completely redone most characters, HUD, the Reaver effects and even some of the environment. Raziel and Kain never looked better!

Sabatu's Tomb Raider (Custom TR level set) 

Sabatu has been releasing many custom TR1 levels for years but this is his first attempt at fully redoing the first Tomb Raider game. Expect familiar but expanded levels with more saturated original textures and improved lighting. Released at the end of May, relive Lara's first adventure in a new way!

Tomb1Main, TR2Main and Tomb4/Tomb5 projects

While the classic Tomb Raiders are available digitally on Steam and GOG platforms, they were barebones and needed extra patches. Luckily, the fans have improved these old games, fixed many bugs and even added the PlayStation features which were missing in the pc version. 

While they may be obsolete due to the release of TRI-II-III Remastered, they still remain as a posisble way to play if you only own the original titles.

Tomb Raider 3 HD Remaster

Giovanni Luca's work on TR3 is phenomenal. His attention to detail and carefully chosen new HD textures make a huge difference. Replaying TR3 was never so enjoyable! While it was superseded by the TR Remastered, it will remain a great option for the original games if you do not own the Remasters.