Legacy of Kain OST

Click on the image next to the description to download the in-game soundtrack. Use the list below to quickly select the one you want and then click on each image to download.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

This OST was ripped by TheClayKinderSurprise. Contains 30 tracks.

Music by Steve Henifin & Scott Shelly.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

This is the latest version of SR1 soundtrack (v8.2). There is also an alternate version, which follows the alpha version structure. Contains 190 tracks.

Music by Kurt Harland.

Soul Reaver 2

This contains all the tracks found in SR2. I used both pc and ps2 version of the game to obtain them all. Contains 52 tracks.

Music by Kurt Harland and Jim Hedges.

Blood Omen 2

This is the complete OST which includes both in-game and the intended combat versions which never got into the game (hosted originally by the Lost Worlds, see below). Contains 26 tracks.

Music by Jim Hedges, Kurt Harland and Mike Peaslee.

Legacy of Kain: Defiance

This rip was done by TopDollar. It has every track (even unused ones) from the game. The link will take you to the Nosgothic Realm, where it is hosted by Tenaya. Contains 41 tracks.

Music by Kurt Harland and Mike Peaslee.

Soul Reaver 2 Promotional OST

There was only one official soundtrack ever released, the SR2 Promo soundtrack, which contained tracks from both SR1 and SR2. Unfortunately, it is out of print and hard to find. Contains 10 tracks.

Music by Kurt Harland and Jim Hedges.

OST at The Lost Worlds

The Lost Worlds also hosts soundtracks for SR1, SR2 and BO2. Please note these files were originally from LOKMusic.com which is now defunct and the only way to get them is from TLW.